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A family business operating Captain Bradley's, Bradley's Guide Service, Bradley's Catfish Bubblegum, Bradley's Bite Enhancer, Bradley's Outdoors, and a non-profit organization, but how did it all start?


Captain Bradley Doyle is a United States Army veteran who grew up fishing with his 'Granny' on the Trinity River and hunting East Texas with his father. Brad has been fishing for 47 years, over 35 of which have been on Lake Conroe. Fishing is truly his lifelong passion. His catches have been featured on Fox 26 News Houston, KHOU Channel 11, and ABC 13 Houston news with notoriety for landing a 67-pound Blue Catfish on rod and reel: an unofficial Lake Conroe record at the time. You may have heard him giving fishing reports on 99.7 KSTAR Country, or on Catfish Radio with Luke Clayton. He has also filmed two seasons of Gone Fishing Pro on the pursuit channel, as well as filmed with A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green.

In 2015 Brad bought a boat, 3 days before being laid off from the oil field. It was then his intended retirement plan was put on the fast track and Bradley's Guide Service was born. From amateur to professional tournament anglers, and especially the children, Brad has enjoyed teaching thousands of anglers the secrets of Lake Conroe.

In his quest for producing good quality fish on his guided trips, Captain Brad needed to find a phenomenal bait, also hoping to avoid the lingering smell of traditional stink bait. One day he spent time fishing off a pier with his sister and was surprised when she far surpassed him using only bread! Brad mixed up different basic household ingredients to form his own bait. The next day he tested the new concoction with his father, and both were shocked to bring in nearly 150 fish in 2 hours. The pink bait, with no smell, and a consistency of playdough, named itself, Catfish Bubblegum.

With great demand, Bradley's Bite Enhancer was made to target a larger variety of species. Both Catfish Bubblegum and Bradley's Bite Enhancer became a recognized name and sold in 48 bait shops across the United States and Puerto Rico, all while being made by hand in Captain Brad's home kitchen.


Over the years in networking among the fishing community, Bradley became the Vice President of Texas Trophy Catfish Association, a 501c3 non-profit charity organization geared toward the conservation of trophy Catfish in Texas waters and teaching children to fish. To date TXTCA has taught over 4,600 children how to fish (for free) and contributed to changing state regulations regarding the conservation of trophy Catfish through our tag and release program designed to gather information on their growth patterns.

Brad's ambition, with the support of his wife, has since lead to the development of Lake Conroe's first waterfront specialty tackle and bait shop scheduled to open its doors in January 2024.

What began as an unexpected leap of faith with an unemployed man and old pontoon boat has blossomed into a 2 guide, 3 boat fishing charter, nationwide sales of the only no-stink Catfish bait on the market, a non-profit organization that changed the way we protect Catfish state-wide, a partnership with Margaritaville, and an unprecedented storefront.

From the captain: "My mission statement is simple... Though I cannot guarantee fish, I can guarantee my very best effort to teach you what I look for, my methods, and to help make you a better fisherman or woman."  


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